We have a created a series of legal self-help visuals to improve how people navigate the court and legal system.

Traffic Court Visual Guides

The Traffic court visuals give people a birds-eye view of what to do when appearing before a traffic court — and how to request relief from fines and fees.

The Legal Design Lab team created these open-source designs in our class Design For Justice: Traffic Court, with our partners East Bay Community Law Center and NLADA. The visual designs for posters and handouts have been piloted in Alameda County, California. They were particularly created for courts that have recently introduced ‘Ability to Pay’ procedures.

If you would like to adapt these to your court or clinic, to help litigants understand their pleading options and how to request ‘Ability to Pay’ evaluation, please write to us. We will be happy to help you adapt these flowcharts and visuals to your context.




Guardianship Guides





Eviction Guides

Our team is collaborating with Michigan State’s RnD Law Lab, and Dan Linna’s team there, on creating and testing new outreach strategies for the county courts. Particularly, we’re looking at how to help divert people away from evictions, by communicating to them their options and preparation strategies after they’ve been sued by their landlord.

Thanks to our pro bono designer Kursat Ozenc, we’ve drafted a first visual to go out to people facing eviction.


Debt Collection guides

In addition, we are also working on visual guides to support people who are facing lawsuits for debt collection.