Creativity Methods to create Justice Innovations

Methods to Understand the Situation and Users’ Needs

  1. Interviewing users and stakeholders
  2. Mapping out the status Quo
  3. Deep-dive Why’s
  4. Behavioral statistics

Methods to Synthesize Insights + Reframe Problems

  1. System Maps
  2. Cause-Consequence Loop Diagrams
  3. Concept Maps and Affinity Diagrams
  4. Root-Thorn Maps, Iceberg Diagrams

Methods to Prioritize

  1. Card Sorting
  2. Delphi Ranking
  3. Ideabooks
  4. Science Fairs

Methods to Generate new Ideas

  1. Brainstorm modes: group, silent, analogous
  2. Creative Matrix
  3. Participatory co-design
  4. Board Game pieces
  5. Dot Frankensteins

Methods to Prototype Early Stage Concepts

  1. Enactments, improv
  2. Paper prototypes
  3. Storyboards
  4. Sketched digital screens
  5. Tangible props
  6. Concept video

MargaretCreativity Methods to create Justice Innovations