User Needs and Stories in the justice system

What are people’s needs in the legal system?

As our Lab does workshops, classes, and testing with people in the civil justice system, we are compiling the stories, needs, requirements, and requests for innovation that we hear. They are all anonymized– if names are used, they are all fictional and identifying details have been removed or fictionalized.


Eviction User Research

In our work on the eviction system, we have identified common scenarios, and also documented particular user stories, personas, and metaphors/insights about the eviction system.

In our research in the Bay Area, these were the main themes we were hearing about why people were experiencing eviction problems as tenants.  These categories represent some of the most common issues for tenants in 2019-2020.


Metaphors for the Eviction Experience

We asked the tenants and landlords we interviewed to make analogies and metaphors for their experience, so we could capture the experience in more illustrative terms. Here are some of the things we heard from people going through eviction



Specific Personas 

Our Lab students drew out specific User Personas of people going through eviction to represent their problems and needs.


MargaretUser Needs and Stories in the justice system