We are collecting methods for the whole journey of an innovation process. It is meant for practitioners in courts and legal aid groups, for designers and technologists working on legal and social system innovation, and for academics who are studying this area.

The methods are grouped into use cases — depending on what types of knowledge and outcomes they produce. We have links to toolkits that demonstrate these methods in greater detail and give examples. We also link to model stories, that describe specific implementation of the methods for a particular context.



Evaluations of Early Stage Ideas + Prototypes

Here is a quick overview of tools — with more explored in depth below.

  1. Priority Sorts
  2. Over-the-shoulder observation
  3. Usage and interviews
  4. Dot votes at an idea fair
  5. Field Tests: counting usage
  6. Usability evaluation – Likert scale
  7. Dignity/procedural justice evaluation
  8. Comprehension quiz
  9. Affinity/aesthetics tests


UX Heuristic Review - Idea Review sheet for wise design smaller


Evaluations of the Intervention in the Field


User Feedback machine from an airport