Court Innovation Benchmark

The Orange County Self-Help Center establishes a very robust benchmark, of what a court can be providing its users:

  1. Self Help Website: that provides an accessible, online set of guides and forms
  2. Electronic filing of paperwork submission to courts, (for some to all of case types), Going Paperless
  3. Language Access via translations, technology, interpreter lines
  4. FAQs with conversational, peer-to-peer explanations of common problems
  5. Online Triage to figure out your problem
  6. Small Claims resolution platform
  7. Videos to Explain the process through visuals and stories, as Instructional Videos
  8. Guided Interviews that Fill Out the Forms through the Questionnaires
  9. Workshops to help people fill in paperwork and answer questions in sync
  10. Customer Relations Management software to collect and use information about litigants
  11. Single Dashboard for people to check their case status, where all their documents, and info is all gathered together