AI + Access to Justice Current Projects

AI as the next frontier of making justice accessible

Last week, Margaret had the privilege of presenting on the lab’s work on AI and Innovation at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As a part of the larger conference of Making Justice Accessible, her work was featured on the panel about new solutions to improve the civil justice system through technology.

She discussed how the Lab’s current research and development work around AI has grown out of a larger question about helping people who are increasingly going online to find legal help.

The AI work is an outgrowth of previous work on

  • improving legal help websites,
  • auditing and improving search engines’ treatment of legal queries,
  • working on new ways to present information in more visual and plain language ways, and
  • building cohorts of providers across regions to have more standardized and discoverable help online.

This panel also included presentations on other, linked efforts to use technology to improve civil justice, including Georgetown’s Judicial Innovation Fellowship program, Stanford’s Filing Fairness Project, and Suffolk LIT Lab’s document assembly and efiling efforts.

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