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CAIR Chicago’s Travelers Assistance Program

CAIR Chicago has sponsored a new initiative to mobilize legal help and interpreters (as well as knowledge) for people at risk of civil rights violation or immigration problems. Their Travelers Assistance Project was launched to give travelers alerts, assemble an Attorney Corps, and an Interpreters Corps.

T.A.P CAIR-Chicago’s Traveler’s Assistance Project, a first of its kind nationally, created to help travelers secure legal help in light of the #MuslimBan. T.A.P is ONE stop shop. It includes an online system that collects at-risk traveler information and puts it in a queue for our in-house Attorney Corps and legal teams of our partner organizations to streamline on our ability to assist on the ground. It provides important traveler “know your rights” updates. Lastly, you can sign up to join us as a volunteer attorney or interpreter.

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