System Evaluation

Measuring impact of legal help websites

At the LSC ITC conference 2023, the legal help website People’s Law School in British Columbia, Canada shared their strategy to measure what works on their website.

They were motivated by knowing ‘What works?” They want to know if the website is making a difference or not. Did they help people who were seeking guidance and assistance with their problems?

They did this by asking discrete, one-off questions throughout their website.

  • Is this helpful?
  • Will this help you resolve your issue?
  • Would you recommend this to others?

These questions usually had five star rating scales. In addition, there were free text boxes. The data was then saved into a database and presented as a data dashboard.

The website administrators could then see rates around empowerment, satisfaction, net promoter score, and suggestion and comments.

The data dashboard would be a driver of regular iterations and improvements.

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