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Street Law for ‘Know Your Rights’ training from Univ. of Georgia

University of Georgia has a Street Law program. It holds sessions to train people, especially young people, on legal topics. Much of their work is focused on how young people can understand the criminal justice system and the social services system, to be smart when navigating them.

Street Law UGA conducts community outreach geared primarily towards familiarizing youth about prevalent legal concerns and basic rights. Our student-run organization is designed to educate youth about practical law topics — “Street Law” —  and inspire youth to seek legal careers.  Street Law UGA focuses on educating minority and low income youth and inspiring youth from backgrounds that are underrepresented in the legal profession.

They have law students get off campus and into community placements. The goal is to have continuing relationships, to build a channel of expertise and relevant resources.

The law students are placed in middle and high schools, youth detention centers, independent living programs, and church youth groups.

The topics covered included the rights of an arrestee, the foster care system, dealing with a criminal record, what a crime is, etc.

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