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AI+A2J Research x Practice Seminar

The Legal Design Lab is proud to announce a new monthly online, public seminar on AI & Access to Justice: Research x Practice.

At this seminar, we’ll be bringing together leading academic researchers with practitioners and policymakers, who are all working on how to make the justice system more people-centered, innovative, and accessible through AI. Each seminar will feature a presentation from either an academic or practitioner who is working in this area & has been gathering data on what they’re learning. The presentations could be academic studies about user needs or the performance of technology, or less academic program evaluations or case studies from the field.

We look forward to building a community where researchers and practitioners in the justice space can make connections, build new collaborations, and advance the field of access to justice.

Sign up for the AI&A2J Research x Practice seminar, every first Friday of the month on Zoom.

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