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American Academy event on AI & Equitable Access to Legal Services

The Lab’s Margaret Hagan was a panelist at the May 2023 national event on AI & Access to Justice hosted by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

The event was called AI’s Implications for Equitable Access to Legal and Other Professional Services. It took place on May 10, 2023. Read more about the American Academy’s work on justice reform here.

More about the May event from the American Academy : “Increasingly capable AI tools like Chat GPT and Bing Chat will impact the accessibility, reliability, and regulation of legal and other professional services, like healthcare, for an underserved public. In this event, Jason Barnwell, Margaret Hagan, and Andrew M. Perlman discuss these and other implications of AI’s rapidly evolving capabilities.”‘

You can see a recording of the panel, that featured Jason Barnwell (Microsoft), Margaret Hagan (Stanford Legal Design Lab), and Andrew M. Perlman (Suffolk Law School).

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