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Open Law Lab - Assisted Decision Making
Assisted Decision Making from Josh Blackman

Here is the presentation from today’s Stanford Law lunch, with law professor Josh Blackman discussing his startup to rival Pacer in distributing case information in a more usable way, with better ways to see relations between firms, judges, cases, companies, etc.

Assisted Decision Making from Josh Blackman

He also mentioned the possibility of developing a Siri, Attorney at Law, in which a non-lawyer could ask a simple question to their mobile phone: “My landlord won’t fix my heat, what should I do”. The phone would then suggest possible paths of action the non-lawyer could take: call tenant rights’ group; file a pro se suit against the landlord; find a lawyer; or compose a legal document complaining of the problem.

Blackman made the argument that these kinds of future legal tech could be an important means of access to justice — people could get solutions to their legal problems without the hassle and wait of going to a legal services office and waiting for help.

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