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CourtMD self-audit for courts

Court MD is a project from the National Center for State Courts that lets court admins run an audit of their own organization, to figure out what’s going wrong and where they should focus resources.

Here’s the description from NCSC:

…start with CourtMD, a new and improved online diagnostic tool from NCSC that can help zero in on your court’s most likely problems — In a matter of minutes.

This new and improved version of CourtMD contains significant updates and enhancements to enable court managers and staff to get quick answers to what may be ailing their court.

New topics covered include:

caseflow management;
records management;
staff satisfaction;
customer satisfaction;
and enterprise management.

CourtMD analyzes the answers you provide to a series of simple questions and then assesses the likelihood that your court is suffering from a particular pain point.

From there, you receive a printed summary, pointers on recommended reading, and where to go for more assistance.

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