Ideabook Procedural Guide

Story-examples to show human process

What if courts documented real-life stories of people who went through various processes, and how they did so. This could be through pictures and words, or through interactive media or videos. It would give the user a sense of how others have used the process, what background they came from, and what they achieved.

This idea is partly inspired by testimonials that come along with exercise programs or diets. Or, like the following images, a booklet describing different birth control methods, and describing how different women chose different ones, why, and how they went about it.

wise-design-birth-control-guides-and-support-bedsider-2016-03-26-13-08-43 wise-design-birth-control-guides-and-support-bedsider-2016-03-26-13-08-31 wise-design-birth-control-guides-and-support-bedsider-2016-03-26-13-08-23 wise-design-birth-control-guides-and-support-bedsider-2016-03-26-13-08-16 wise-design-birth-control-guides-and-support-bedsider-2016-03-26-13-07-56 wise-design-birth-control-guides-and-support-bedsider-2016-03-26-13-07-24 wise-design-birth-control-guides-and-support-bedsider-2016-03-26-13-07-20

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