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Filing Fairness Toolkit

The Stanford Legal Design Lab & the Rhode Center on the Legal Profession have just released the Filing Fairness Toolkit.

The toolkit covers 4 areas, with diagnostics, maturity models, and actionable guidance for:

  1. improving Filing Technology Infrastructure
  2. building a healthy Filing Partner Ecosystem
  3. establishing good Technology Governance
  4. refining Forms & Filing Processes

This Toolkit is the product of several years of work, design sessions, collaborations with courts and vendors across the country, and stakeholder interviews. It is for court leaders, legal tech companies, legal aid groups, and government officials who are looking for practical guidance on how to make sure that people can find, complete, and file court forms.

Check out our diagnostic tool to see how your local court system measures up to national best practices in forms, efiling, and services.

We know efiling and court technology can be confusing (if not intimidating). We’ve worked hard to make these technical terms & processes more accessible to people beyond IT staff. Getting better efiling systems in place can unlock new opportunities for access to justice.

Please let us know if you have questions, ideas, and stories about making forms, efiling, and other court tech infrastructure more accessible, user-friendly, and impactful.

Read more at the Toolkit announcement page.

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