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Schedule for AI & A2J Jurix workshop

Our organizing committee was pleased to receive many excellent submissions for the AI & A2J Workshop at Jurix on December 18, 2023. We were able to select half of the submissions for acceptance, and we extended the half-day workshop to be a full-day workshop to accommodate the number of submissions.

We are pleased to announce our final schedule for the workshop:

Schedule for the AI & A2J Workshop

Morning Sessions

Welcome Kickoff, 09:00-09:15

Conference organizers welcome everyone, lead introductions, and review the day’s plan.

1: AI-A2J in Practice, 09:15-10:30 AM 

09:15-09:30: Juan David Gutierrez: AI technologies in the judiciary: Critical appraisal of LLMs in judicial decision making

09:30-09:45: Ransom Wydner, Sateesh Nori, Eliza Hong, Sam Flynn, and Ali Cook: AI in Access to Justice: Coalition-Building as Key to Practical and Sustainable Applications

09:45-10:00: Mariana Raquel Mendoza Benza: Insufficient transparency in the use of AI in the judiciary of Peru and Colombia: A challenge to digital transformation

10:00-10:15: Vanja Skoric, Giovanni Sileno, and Sennay Ghebreab: Leveraging public procurement for LLMs in the public sector: Enhancing access to justice responsibly

10:15-10:30: Soumya Kandukuri: Building the AI Flywheel in the American Judiciary

Break: 10:30-11:00 

2: AI for A2J Advice, Issue-Spotting, and Engagement Tasks, 11:00-12:30 

11:00: Opening remarks to the session

11:05-11:20: Sam Harden: Rating the Responses to Legal Questions by Generative AI Models

11:20-11:35: Margaret Hagan: Good AI Legal Help, Bad AI Legal Help: Establishing quality standards for responses to people’s legal problem stories

11:35-11:50: Nick Goodson and Rongfei Lui: Intention and Context Elicitation with Large Language Models in the Legal Aid Intake Process

11:50-12:05: Nina Toivonen, Marika Salo-Lahti, Mikko Ranta, and Helena Haapio, Beyond Debt: The Intersection of Justice, Financial Wellbeing and AI

12:05-12:15: Amit Haim: Large Language Models and Legal Advice12:15-12:30: General Discussions, Takeaways, and Next Steps on AI for Advice

Break: 12:30-13:30

Afternoon Sessions

3: AI for Forms, Contracts &  Dispute Resolution, 13:30-15:00 

13:30: Opening remarks to this session13:35-13:50: Quinten Steenhuis, David Colarusso, and Bryce Wiley: Weaving Pathways for Justice with GPT: LLM-driven automated drafting of interactive legal applications

13:50-14:05: Katie Atkinson, David Bareham, Trevor Bench-Capon, Jon Collenette, and Jack Mumford: Tackling the Backlog: Support for Completing and Validating Forms

14:05-14:20: Anne Ketola, Helena Haapio, and Robert de Rooy: Chattable Contracts: AI Driven Access to Justice

14:20-14:30: Nishat Hyder-Rahman and Marco Giacalone: The role of generative AI in increasing access to justice in family (patrimonial) law

14:30-15:00: General Discussions, Takeaways, and Next Steps on AI for Forms & Dispute Resolution

Break: 15:00-15:30

4:  AI-A2J Technical Developments, 15:30-16:30

15:30: welcome to session
15:35-15:50: Marco Billi, Alessandro Parenti, Giuseppe Pisano, and Marco Sanchi: A hybrid approach of accessible legal reasoning through large language models
15:50-16:05: Bartosz Krupa – Polish BERT legal language model
16:05-16:20: Jakub Dråpal – Understanding Criminal Courts
16:20-16:30: General Discussion on Technical Developments in AI & A2J

Closing Discussion: 16:30-17:00

What are the connections between the sessions? What next steps do participants think will be useful? What new research questions and efforts might emerge from today?

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