Report on litigants’ outcomes on Zoom court hearings

The Indiana University team, led by professor Victor Quintanilla, has released the report Accessing Justice with Zoom: Experiences and Outcomes in Online Civil Courts.

The team had set up a novel system to recruit court users to give feedback about their experience attending court in-person or remotely, combining that with administrative data and observational data about how the hearings proceeded. This allows them to examine the various effects, preferences, and outcomes that are at play now that online/remote/Zoom court proceedings are now available.

Explore some of the findings that the team found with Indiana court users, including

  • the technological capability and usage of litigants
  • comparison of preferences for remote hearings vs in person
  • how people participated in remote hearings
  • how frequently litigants experienced technical issues
  • what kinds of concerns and dynamics were interrelated

See more at the Indiana Equity Accelerator.

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