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Lawyer transparency with stats cards

Legal_Design_Concepts - lawyer baseball card
If one of laypeople’s main concerns about using the legal system is the lack of transparency around hiring a lawyer (how much do they cost? are they any good? will they be the right fit for me?) — then how can we give a person more insight into their possible choices of lawyers and who might be right for them?

There are plenty of lawyer indexes and matchmaking sites online, but what would be cool would be a Stats Card, akin to a baseball card, with hard numbers (not proprietary rankings, that lawyers can game by authoring articles or participating in an online system) about the lawyer’s actual performance.

If a third party neutral entity could count how many cases, proceedings, mediations, outcomes, etc. a lawyer has achieved, as well as client satisfaction with the process (if not also the outcome), this could help prospective users of the legal system be more confident in making a smart choice — and so perhaps more likely to use the system in the first place.

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