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A mobile-first solution, that would let any lay person connect to basic legal knowledge and education through virtually free SMS back-and-forths. It could be lessons taught in small bite-size chunks and stories, through a series of texts. It could be daily reminders with key lessons to remember. Or it could even be virtual mentoring and instruction, with a real person (or an automated teacher) on the other end, helping a person understand a specific idea.

The goal is to get basic, essential legal knowledge into people’s hands in a lightweight, and virtually free way.

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This is a good idea. I came up with something similar to serve people living in rural area in Nigeria. I never test ran it because if funding but I think it would bring people closer to the justice system. But there were a lot of questions that arose.

I am happy to speak more about. I am currently applying to Stanford for the SPILS program.

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