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Legal Design Ideas: Crowdsourcd Parking Ticket Map

Legal Design Idea - Parking Ticket Map

One branch of Legal Design Ideas I’m working on is using crowdsourced information to improve transparency of how legal regulations are implemented & processes are carried out.

An idea in this branch is a Parking Ticket Map — that could use a crowdsourced map like Ushahidi, or other reporting platforms. Individual users can report when & exactly where they’ve received parking tickets or traffic tickets.

How it would work

Ideally, the resulting map would be populated with advice on each parking space in a region — telling potential parkers what common problems with the parking space are. Peer advice can help ensure that the parker would be able to comply with all of the laws that apply to her when she’s parking.  The map can also be a public resource, showing trends in enforcement & making it clear how government authorities are behaving.

The crowdsourced map could be integrated into other services, like Google Maps, or parking availability apps, that have already mapped parking spaces with some exactness. the information about

Why this idea?

This originates out of problems we’ve heard in user research, in which the parking signage does not communicate all the rules that actually apply to a parking space.  There are some common problems that people make mistakes with, and that cost hundreds of dollars.

This might be about the special rules that apply to a parking space — like when it is sufficiently on a slant that the parker must have their wheels turned toward the curb. Or it might be when there is a danger in that space — like where registration stickers are commonly stolen & then the parker will be ticketed for out-of-date stickers.

This could also be useful in tracking trends, biases, and overpolicing.


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