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Paribus: scraping your data to find claims

Paribus is a tool that finds you ways to get reimbursed in part from companies you’ve bought products from. You give them access to your emails where you get receipts, and then it looks for opportunities for you to get money back from that company when prices drop or there are other obligations for them to return money to you.

It’s shocking how often stores owe you money. Paribus gets you paid every time. Some have saved $500+ without lifting a finger. Trusted by 200,000+ members.

Even if this exact company is not necessarily about ‘access-to-justice’, its model can inspire other products that can scout legal issues and opportunities for people.

Could we build a screening tool, that has users get their personal data scanned (in the most data-privacy-respecting way possible) to spot legal issues or opportutnities.

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