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Pocket DACA

Here is another current initiative for Access to Justice through design/tech: Pocket DACA.

Open Law Lab - Pocket DACA 1

Pocket DACA is an app, released this summer for free for Android & IOS, to help people who came to the US as a child, who might be eligible for DACA.  It was produced by Pro Bono Net & Immigration Advocates Network.

The app is full of resources — primarily of which is a screening tool — that will let people understand if they can apply for DACA.

Open Law Lab - Pocket DACA 2

It also has other features, like finding legal services nearby, based on the phones geolocation, & discovering other resources for immigrant youth.

Open Law Lab - Pocket DACA 3

The app is generally a redesign of a legal services website for a mobile experience — added in with an interactive ‘expert system’ that will help a user figure out if they can get on this legal pathway (DACA) or not.

Here’s a video review & summary of the app.

And some more screens:
Open Law Lab - Pocket DACA 5 Open Law Lab - Pocket DACA 4

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