What would you spend $10 million on for Access to Justice?

Access to Justice - what would you spend 10 million dollars on

I made another visual based on a short questionnaire I ran back in November-December last year, on people’s thoughts on Access to Justice. Earlier visuals of the questionnaire responses are here (Is there a coherent Access to Justice Movement?) and here (What’s going wrong with the Access to Justice Movement?)

I asked respondents where they would spend a hypothetical $10 million on Access, to see what kind of ideas & priorities would emerge. Here are the responses.

Access to Justice - where would you spend 10 million

You can see some clear priorities emerging:

  1. Experimentation in new legal services
  2. Scaling up tech-based legal platforms to cover more jurisdictions, reach more users
  3. Providing more one-to-one assistance to people going through legal processes
  4. Public legal education
  5. Establishing a ‘Brand’ for legal services

If you have other projects that you would fund with $10 million, leave your thoughts in the comments.  There must be other agenda points, add them to this first collection of funding priorities.

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