Ideabook Procedural Guide

Customizable Process Map


What is it?

Have a standardized paper map of the steps in a legal process laid out, with tasks, hand-offs, and roles.

This map can then be marked-up and customized by the user and by lawyers and court staff, to help them understand the process in terms of their own situation.

Ideally, it would be visual — with icons and illustrations of the steps.

How could it be implemented?

A design team maps out the basic, standard process for a given Legal Issue area (e.g., child custody, divorce, etc).

They vet it with court experts.

Then they print these one page maps out, ensuring there is generous white space on the page for annotations.

If there are common note-taking-points, these can be designated on the map with a box or question bubble.

It would likely take 2 months and under $500 to implement.