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Exploring Models of Triage Tools

I’ve been thinking systematically about the suite of tools that we need to be building for better access to justice. I wrote earlier about the different product families — what some of these different camps of tools are. One I’m circling around with some intent is the Triage Tool.

A triage function would help take a person searching for legal remedy, and help them figure out what their condition is called in legal terms and what legal processes are open to them to achieve some kind of resolution.

Other terms for Triage tools: Eligibility-Checkers, Diagnostic Tool, Intake-and-Bucketing.

The main task of the triage tool is collecting essential info from the user, and then matching it with the system’s rules about what terms and paths fit their info.

I’ve been collecting many different examples of tech-based triage tools, and I’ll be publishing a pattern library with a discussion of what the main types of triage tools are, with examples of each. In the meantime, here’s a sketch I made as I start to group together this typology.

Triage Models - Margaret Hagan sketch - legal navigators

Do you know any triage tools that you think work well? Send me links, images, or write-ups — I will include them in my pattern library!

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Great concept. 28 years practicing law, I’ve never called it “triage” but have noticed its lacking.

I’ll be following and offer any ideas come to mind.

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