Ideabook Triage and Diagnosis

Legal Health Checkup concept sketch

An increasingly popular concept for access innovations is the Legal Health Checkup, that would serve as an initial outreach to laypeople. It would help them understand what issues they are currently dealing with that might have legal recourse — and then would give them resources to follow up on this.

For checkups, I’ve observed three types:

  • ones for a specific problem
  • ones for a specific type of person (of a certain age, profession, family situation, nationality)
  • ones that are generic for everyone

They can be administered online, through surveys, bots or checklists. Or they could be done at work, at a church/synagogue/mosque, at a school, or another community institution.

legal health checkup

There are some existing checkups, like one in Ontario. One concept idea is for a checkup is more mobile and resourceful than the current models. Here are some sketched notes exploring how there could be a richer type of checklist, with better:

  • outreach touchpoints
  • technology delivery
  • takeaways given after the checkup is done

legal health checkup 




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