Legal Health Checkup concept sketch

An increasingly popular concept for access innovations is the Legal Health Checkup, that would serve as an initial outreach to laypeople. It would help them understand what issues they are … Read More

MargaretLegal Health Checkup concept sketch

Empathy Machines

What if we had more legal services that provided people in crisis with empathy? It might be in the form of someone to listen to their story and engage them … Read More

MargaretEmpathy Machines

Consumer Law product families

I am working on a paper right now that stakes out a framework for those of us who are working on building access to justice innovations & accessible law tools.  … Read More

MargaretConsumer Law product families

Access to Justice Innovation sketchnote

This is a sketchnote that I’ve drawn out while at different Access to Justice meetings, talks, and roundtables — where the discussions have been about how to get more underemployed … Read More

MargaretAccess to Justice Innovation sketchnote