Legal Document Responder App

Could we build an application that would let a person, who receives a legal document or government document in the mail to: Scan it in, either through a mobile-photo-scanner, or … Read More

MargaretLegal Document Responder App

Consigliere: every family has their lawyer

What if every person had a lawyer that was closely related to them, that was responsible for advising them and keeping them legally healthy, and dealing with any problem that … Read More

MargaretConsigliere: every family has their lawyer

Consumer Law product families

I am working on a paper right now that stakes out a framework for those of us who are working on building access to justice innovations & accessible law tools.  … Read More

MargaretConsumer Law product families

CUPS visual guides to public services

I’ve been searching around for good information & graphic design, to communicate laws to average people. I stumbled across some amazing booklets & posters from the Center for Urban Pedagogy, … Read More

MargaretCUPS visual guides to public services

Apps to Manage Lawyers

Here’s an article by Jennifer Smith in the Wall Street Journal on new crops of apps that help clients find and monitor lawyers.  It mentions Viewabill (tracking how much their … Read More

MargaretApps to Manage Lawyers