The Prototype Journey, from post it to wizard of oz

In our Prototyping Access to Justice class, Kursat Ozenc and I are leading student teams to get quickly from speculating about how the courts could be improved to implementing new … Read More

MargaretThe Prototype Journey, from post it to wizard of oz

Legal Document Responder App

Could we build an application that would let a person, who receives a legal document or government document in the mail to: Scan it in, either through a mobile-photo-scanner, or … Read More

MargaretLegal Document Responder App

Court Resource Easel Board

  What is it? It is a standing easel, about five feet high, with clips to attach a series of booklets. It would be more attractive than a standard “Wall … Read More

MargaretCourt Resource Easel Board

Story-based intake

An idea for gathering intake information & triage-ing users to the right legal resource by giving them video scenarios/stories to watch and then figure out which best corresponds to their … Read More

MargaretStory-based intake

Interactive Legal Maps

I’ve been prototyping various means to deliver & build legal knowledge — with a specific consideration of bolstering Access to Justice. One pathway, of course, is Visualized Law. I’ve been … Read More

MargaretInteractive Legal Maps