Access to Justice Innovation sketchnote

Margaret Hagan - Access to Justice through technology and innovation - sketchnote

This is a sketchnote that I’ve drawn out while at different Access to Justice meetings, talks, and roundtables — where the discussions have been about how to get more underemployed lawyers better work opportunities, and how to get better legal services to more people in the US.

I’ve been going through my notes to start structuring my thoughts on how innovation can be brought into the ‘Access’ work and conversations in the legal profession.  In the sketchnote, there’s the start of some groupings & priorities — more of that to come in an article I’m writing.

The goal is to give more structure, direction, and collaboration into this work of tech, design, and access to justice.  Right now, there are many stakeholders & experts working in this area, but there is not a clear agenda or priority hitlist.  That is what I want to see, and contribute to: a more defined Access Innovation movement.

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