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Online Mediation: what might it look like?

I am on a design team, working on how to redesign the small claims mediation & family mediation (that now would occur offline, in a court house, in a room with a mediator and the parties) into an online experience.

My team interviewed a mediator who has expertise in these offline mediations — these are my notes & insights.

Green: possible failpoints, where a mediation could go wrong online.

Yellow: best practices she recommends.

Red Pink: insights into how mediations work & what the stakeholders want.

Bright Pink: miscellaneous comments.

Stay tuned — we are moving towards mocking up basic flows and interfaces for an online mediation experience…

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Hi Margaret

Just came across your website (from a Google Alert on ‘Online Dispute Resolution’).

Very interested in your approach to legal process design . I am currently updating my course on ODR with particular reference to online mediation. When I get a moment I will offer some comments on your page on the subject.

Perhaps we could schedule a skype chat some time


Graham Ross

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