What if we redesigned legal systems for the end user?

Legal Design - what would a child welfare system designed for the child look like
A quick talking head sketch of a ‘What-If’ for legal design. What if we started over with our legal systems? Instead of patching over the problems with better interfaces — we imagine what a user-centered legal system would look like from the ground up. This sketch came from a Children Right’s Summit held yesterday at Google’s headquarters, sponsored by the law firm Baker & MacKenzie, that brought together lots of legal & social service providers, together with counsel from a variety of tech companies.

The other insight in this sketch is that legal professionals need outsiders to come in & see where the opportunities lie for redesign. Because the systems are currently so professional-focused, doing more to serve the bureaucracy that currently exists or the status quo practices of the people working in the system — an outside perspective is needed to break open new spaces for innovation.

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