Interactive Legal Maps

I’ve been prototyping various means to deliver & build legal knowledge — with a specific consideration of bolstering Access to Justice. One pathway, of course, is Visualized Law. I’ve been … Read More

MargaretInteractive Legal Maps

Smart checklist and timeline guides

An idea to help lay people go through legal processes by giving them interactive and customized guides to going through them step by step. It is a website that gives … Read More

MargaretSmart checklist and timeline guides

Legal navigator concept sketches

One of the projects on my front-burner is getting a great legal navigator built, that takes a person step-by-detailed-step through a legal process. Here are some of the sketches from … Read More

MargaretLegal navigator concept sketches App for youth

A group out of Chicago, the Mikva Juvenile Justice Council, is making an app to help young people understand & go through an Expungement legal process. The Knight Foundation is … Read More App for youth