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Online user question-and-answers from pro bono attorneys

The Alabama Access to Justice Commission used an ABA Expansion Grant to implement the web-based pro bono program Online Tennessee Justice, which allows pro bono attorneys to answer questions submitted by clients through a website.  In Alabama the website has been launched as Alabama Legal Answers.

Access Inventory - Alabama atj

Project Summary & Assessment

See more: Alabama – Online SRL Pro Bono Support

Final overview/report on creating the Alabama Legal Answers site.


Ideabook Training and Info

Board Game guide for learning the law and thinking it through

Legal Design Projects - title cards - games of legal processes

Can we make navigators that are game-like, or make games that allow a person to do a prep-run of what an actual legal procedure will be like?

This concept came out of a workshop on improving immigration support. It was for a board game that a group could play together, to learn the scenarios and pathways of immigration law.

It would be a jumpoff point for questioning more about law, and thinking through how immigration rules could apply to him.

Ideabook Triage and Diagnosis

National ad campaign for legal services

National Legal Services Advertisement campaign

Could we use the same methods of those television lawyers who bombard daytime-tv-watchers with ‘Are you injured? Can you sue? Call now to find your rights!’ — to increase lay people’s awareness of their rights, of civil remedies, of free or low-cost legal services?

Ideabook Integration into Community

Public Space Law

Public Space Law

Could we put law on the street? Have public space installations that give basic outreach, checklists, resources, if not even full-blown clinics for people to encounter in their daily life?

This idea is in part from conversations with my Mexican colleagues, with ideas for subway station legal clinics.