Pro Bono matching websites

Florida Pro Bono Matters is a website that allows for matching volunteer lawyers with cases. It allows for legal aid groups to easily post cases from their case management system, … Read More

MargaretPro Bono matching websites

Robot Lawyer expert chat bot

The Robot Lawyeris a chatbot made to let people get legal options and screening — and even fill in documents by chatting through a messenger interface on a website. It … Read More

MargaretRobot Lawyer expert chat bot

Online training for pro bono work

The Pro Bono Training Institute in LA offers online training modules to prep lawyer volunteers to do good work as they volunteer to provide legal help. They developed these modules … Read More

MargaretOnline training for pro bono work

Hospital map app

An Ohio hospital has created an internal navigation system through a mapping app. It lets anyone find their doctor or destination by putting it into the app, and getting step … Read More

MargaretHospital map app

User journey through Housing Court

In our classes, we map out different users’ journeys through the court. This is one of the Northeastern University student teams’ map, that abstracts different users’ journey through housing court … Read More

MargaretUser journey through Housing Court

DocuBot for filling in forms through SMS

DocuBot is a tool to fill in legal documents and other forms through an SMS or other chatbot-like experience. The bot asks questions to fill in the form. Here is … Read More

MargaretDocuBot for filling in forms through SMS

Public feedback report displays in courts

I took a photograph of this display in London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5. It is a very public display of the customer feedback for the airport. It has the results … Read More

MargaretPublic feedback report displays in courts

Drawing of a Housing Court waiting room

A sketch from my notebook, while I was observing a waiting room in a Court Service center in Boston, for people who were waiting for help with housing cases.

MargaretDrawing of a Housing Court waiting room