User situations in Self Help Centers

As we have been researching the status quo situation of the Self Help Centers, we’ve identified some common types of users. They are as follows. People with their kids, stressed … Read More

MargaretUser situations in Self Help Centers

Our big guiding design briefs

After our first two classes, we began to identify some of the big questions that characterize how the court needs to improve. We decided to segment based on where the … Read More

MargaretOur big guiding design briefs

100% Justice Brigade

What if we had a new Legal Organization — the 100% Justice Brigade — that was all about using design skills to create better services for laypeople. Clearer signage, maps, … Read More

Margaret100% Justice Brigade

All-in-one Client-Attorney Collaboration Platform

What would an all-in-one collaboration platform look like, for clients & lawyers to work together? If there could be one place that coordinates a person’s journey from having a legal … Read More

MargaretAll-in-one Client-Attorney Collaboration Platform

Project Nanny Van: a legal service design

Project Nanny Van is an excellent new example of creative legal service design.  Dan Jackson from Northeastern Law’s NuLawLab clued me in about it. The NuLawLab & its law students … Read More

MargaretProject Nanny Van: a legal service design